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Water Pumping

Climatecare Electrical & Solar Rockhampton have teamed up with Reaqua to bring you the Lorentz range of high quality surface, bore and pool pumps.

Whether you have a lifestyle block or thousands of acres, being able to move water from A to B is an essential part of life. Of course you dont get to choose where the water is but you can choose how to move it. Its not always practical to run electric cables to a remote pump and windmills can be unreliable. Solar Powered Pumps are the answer.

Climatecare Electrical & Solar offer both solar and electric pumps and our pumping expert has over 6 years experience so you can rest assured your pumping needs are well taken care of. With our pumping team, together with our team of master electricians, we can design and install a cracker solar pump solution for you and because we are Solar Accredited, you save money as we can usually apply the government solar incentive to your system.

As well as solar, we can offer electric pump sales and repairs also. So if this is your first investment in pumping or you’ve found that your usual pumping mob isn’t answering the phone anymore, give us a call today and see why we are CQ’s number one solar provider.



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