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Off Grid Systems

Is it Right for Me?

The idea of going “off the grid” is certainly appealing and one which gains momentum as the price of solar and batteries fall. The reality is that it’s not quite as simple as it sounds and for most people, an on-grid battery system or “Hybrid” will be the right choice. For others though, a grid connection is either not desirable or simply not feasible. If your dream property is more than 500m from the grid, an off-grid system might be the most practical solution.

How does it work?

Off Grid, Stand-alone Solar Power System / Stand-alone PV System / SPS / SAPS or RAPS (they all mean the same thing), operates independent of the electricity grid and mainly used in remote areas where the utility grid is not available or if you would like to be independent of the utility grid.

  • Solar  power is generated by solar panels converting the sunlight into energy. The electricity is then fed into a bank of specially designed batteries via a power conditioner such as a regulator or string inverter, to be stored for use when required.
  • The power can then be used directly from the batteries with DC appliances, or converted to 240 volt alternating current AC electricity by a Multi-Mode Inverter/ Charger.
  • The Multi-Mode Inverter/ Charger delivers 240 volt electricity, so normal household appliances such as washing machine, fridge, television etc can be used.

Off Grid

System sizes & costs

There are three factors you MUST consider. These are;

  • Your budget – The size of the system is your choice
  • The space for you Solar Panels to be connected
  • Location for the storage of the Battery Packs.

Systems are measured in terms of the generating capacity (kW), battery size (voltage & amp-hour capacity) and Design Load (kWh / day/night).

What to consider

Contact us to discuss your options, recommended size of system. We will help you to understand the costing of the systems as this is based on:

  • Types & power rating of electrical appliances (watts)
  • How many hours per day they are used
  • Your location – amount of solar energy available at your site
  • The slope and location of the roof and recommended location of the system.


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