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Battery Hybrid Systems

How does it work?

Battery Hybrid SystemsA battery hybrid system is a variation on grid connected solar systems, a grid connected system and off grid system can be integrated together. This allows you to feed energy into the grid while ever the grid is active (offsetting your power consumption), and still be able to power the home using the battery stored energy during the night .

It works by using solar PV power during the day – with excess power used to charge your batteries for later use at night. The major design considerations are your peak power usage ie the most power you will use at any one point in time and the amount of power in kWhr that you expect to use during non solar producing hours.

Climatecare Electrical will help guide you towards the correct type of system and meet any budget constraints, before undertaking a detailed design and estimation process.

Our design team will help correctly select the right product combinations and provide detailed electrical and financial modelling. We will ensure that your hybrid solar system has sufficient autonomy and head room so as to meet your power needs.


System sizes & costs

There are three factors you MUST consider. These are;

  • Your budget – The size of the system is your choice
  • The space for you Solar Panels to be connected
  • Location for the storage of the Battery Packs.

Systems are measured in terms of the generating capacity (kW), battery size (voltage & amp-hour capacity) and Design Load (kWh / day/night).


What to consider

Contact us to discuss your options, recommended size of system. We will help you to understand the costing of the systems as this is based on:

  • Types & power rating of electrical appliances (watts)
  • How many hours per day they are used
  • Your location – amount of solar energy available at your site
  • The slope and location of the roof and recommended location of the system.


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