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Optimised PV is the future

18 April 2016

In a sure sign that optimised Solar PV is where the future is at, Global leader in Inverter manufacturing SMA has announced it will acquire a 27% stake in PV optimization company Tigo Energy.

More and more consumers are realising that cheaper is not better and are now prepared to pay a little bit more for better quality gear and better performance.  Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) more commonly known as Optimisation, improves system output by ensuring that each panel is performing to its maximum capability and that shade only impacts the panels that are actually in shade. Consumers in the past who have not been able to install solar due to shading issues are now looking to optimisation technologies to enable them to save money.

Another very attractive feature of Optimisation is that it makes a system a lot safer by reducing string voltages and have the ability to switch the array off at the panel.

Climatecare Electrical are your local specialists in Optimisation technologies whether it be String Inverters with 3rd party optimisation such as Tigo, Microinverters or the Solaredge system that combines the best features of string inverters and microinverters.

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